Download Facebook lite App from 9Apps store

Download 9apps.io App.Are you searching the best and liter android application? Facebook lite is perfect solution. Yes Facebook gives new liter application is referred as Facebook lite. These are smoothly running on your device with ultimate benefits. Facebook is most important social media platform today. And millions of users are switched over Facebook at any time.

The main major difference of both the application is the size of the app. otherwise both are same. It has many of ultimate functionality for users. So if you are user in Facebook means, just choose this liter version of Facebook once. Surely you can understand excellence. Without any permission and issues, it will access your account.

Otherwise, it is more than a safer platform for users because it does not allow any risk and virus on your device. It is very optimized and less bandwidth, so it consumes less battery. Therefore it is really beneficial one for users today. It is totally designed for 2G data speed with limited network connectivity.

Different Versions of Facebook lite:

It has several versions, some latest versions are

  • Facebook lite 41.0
  • Facebook lite 49.0
  • Facebook lite 53.0
  • Facebook lite 60.0
  • Facebook lite 49.0
  • Facebook lite 72.0
  • Facebook lite
  • Facebook lite
  • Facebook lite

What are the Pros?

It is a liter version but always standard to use.

  • Low capacity
  • Amazing configuration.
  • Super fasting downloads.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stable always
  • Frequent updating.
  • Run virtually like original Facebook.
  • When using this application, you can get news feeds with on main menu.
  • The status updating options available on top of the screen.
  • And you can do all the things normally as per original Facebook such as like, browse, comment, and add friends and stories and many more.
  • Completely designed with simple and easier.
  • Battery usages, app size, data, performance all are really great in this liter application.
  • It has limited storage space.

What are the Cons of Facebook lite?

Basically, it is designed by 2G network connectivity right? So it takes more than time for sending and receiving videos. May these issues will be solved in future. At that time you can use this Facebook lite for smoothening and even faster than others. Not much more graphical look on the application. Otherwise the icons and buttons are looks like smaller and simpler than normal Facebook.

What are the Additional benefits of Facebook lite?

This Facebook lite mobile application offers all kind of basic needs. So you no need to worry. When compared to the original Facebook it is much better and lightweight. Currently there are so many users are active on Facebook account. Every day the needs of the users are enhanced. So if you start to use Facebook platform means, just prefer this liter version.

  • It allows users to connect with their friends in a simple manner.
  • The user no need to payout any single amount to get install the application on your device because it is accessible at free of cost.
  • You can get multiple purposes at the same time without any connectivity issues.
  • Works well even on a low internet connection
  • Provides a unique and better experience to users.
  • It is accessible in small size so it does not consume a lot of memory storage on your device.
  • Unsurpassed platform to fulfills your needs safely without any annoy
  • supports latest and advanced Android versions
  • It has a simple user-friendly interface
  • It has a better download speed
  • Gaining popularity in many users today.
  • People normally use a mobile application based on reliable and quality. In that way, this app store is the best one.


Safe and secured:

This application is completely safe and secured to use. So you no need to worry about it. At any situation, it will never harm your device. You can use this tool at any time and anywhere without any risk and server connection problem. It is because these tools are a portable one.

Saves battery power:

Basically battery life’s are always depends upon screen light, data connectivity, music, gaming, Bluetooth and many more right? And also Facebook is one of the reasons to drain your battery life and it is because when using this Facebook lite you can surely enhance your battery life.

Reduce higher data usage:

Among these things, Facebook is one of the reasons to consume data higher. In order to avoid the issues, the ideal solution is to use Facebook lite. It is because these are very light to use. And you can use this even in 2G internet connection. So once install the application and check the benefits earlier.

How to install?

Install the application is a simple one. It is available in Google play store. So you can easily download from that play store. once install the application you can enjoy lots of things such as less data usage, better functionality, faster speed, simple to access and many more. At first you have to install right? Just follow some simple rules such as

  • Go to the Google play store or 9apps store on your device.
  • Search the application name on the search bar
  • Select a Facebook lite application.
  • Tap to install.
  • Within a fraction of seconds, it will be installed on your device.
  • After installation, just open the app.
  • Complete the login details with on respective fields.
  • Tap to login.
  • Now enjoy the Facebook lite mobile application thoroughly.

When compared to both the platform, you can find a smaller difference between this platform. It is one of the right mobile applications currently peoples give more preference for this application because it is a single platform with great benefits. It has regular updating manner, so you can get the latest features frequently.

Overall if you need to use this application, just install soon. Once you start to use this application, you can enjoy a lot as per the original Facebook. So try this once. You can use the application with hassle-free.